The domain of travel management necessitates a harmonious integration of technology, operational efficiency, and user-centric approaches. NDC Solutions Inc., a distinguished entity in travel technology, has crafted exhaustive solutions that adeptly meet these pivotal requirements. By forging a strategic alliance with BNW Travel Management, a prestigious Vancouver-based TMC, NDC Solutions Inc. has showcased the transformative potential of its solutions. This case study explores the impact of their platform, ORX, encompassing an online travel management dashboard, booking engine, and travel agent management platform, in fostering operational enhancements and elevating client satisfaction for BNW.

The Challenge

BNW Travel Management, a traditional TMC, found itself at a juncture, facing intensified competition from digitally-native TMCs and OTAs which presented swift, user-friendly, and efficient online travel solutions. The rising client anticipation for online, self-service booking platforms was a trend BNW needed to embrace to maintain a competitive stance. The endeavor was to align with a technology partner proficient in delivering robust online travel solutions that would not only refine operations but also markedly bolster client acquisition and retention.

How NDC Solutions Addressed BNW Travel's Predicament

ORX stood out as a quintessential partner for BNW, providing bespoke digital solutions that impeccably dovetailed with BNW's operational schema and client engagement paradigm. Here’s a glimpse into the integration and its ramifications:

Online Travel Management Platform:

The platform merges a dynamic travel management dashboard with an intuitive booking engine, furnishing a comprehensive solution for corporate clients to oversee their business travel. It enables BNW to uphold corporate travel policies, access negotiated rates, employ carbon offsetting tools, and simplify reporting and invoicing—attributes that are fundamental for contemporary corporate travel management.

Travel Agent Management Platform:

This platform enhanced BNW’s AgentConnect offering, crafting a robust milieu for travel agents to proficiently manage client bookings, while affording live commission tracking and real-time support, essential for optimizing business performance in a competitive arena.

Public Facing Booking Site

ORX crafted a public-facing booking site for BNW Travel (, providing all clients a streamlined and prompt method to book their flights on the move. The site encapsulates a user-centric design, ensuring effortless flight bookings, thereby bolstering BNW’s digital footprint and client engagement.

Statistical Effects

The assimilation of ORX’s Online Travel Management Platform precipitated:

  • Client Acquisition Upswing: The modern, self-service online platform contributed to a 30% increase in client acquisition, showcasing the appeal of digital convenience for contemporary travelers and corporate clientele.
  • Significant Time-saving: A 40% reduction in time expended on managing bookings and client correspondences, freeing valuable hours for strategic business growth initiatives.
  • Elevated Client Satisfaction and Retention: The user-centric online platform led to a 25% enhancement in client retention rate, highlighting the central role of digital satisfaction in client loyalty.


The collaboration between NDC Solution’s ORX and BNW Travel Management illustrates the remarkable outcomes when traditional acumen intersects with modern technology. ORX’s meticulously designed solutions have not only propelled BNW into the digital domain robustly but also significantly ironed out operational hurdles, availing more time for what truly matters - cultivating client relationships and business expansion. The pronounced rise in client satisfaction and retention epitomizes the new digital ease that now characterizes BNW’s service. ORX has indeed unveiled a spectrum of opportunities for BNW, smoothing a digital pathway for them to accelerate forward in the competitive travel market. This fruitful endeavor underscores ORX's steadfast commitment to ushering travel management firms into the digital epoch, making the journey as exhilarating as the destination.