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ORX Elevates Your Host Agency Operations

ORX provides host agencies an all-in-one platform with NDC & GDS fare integration, custom pricing, airline rate management, tools for both vacation and corporate travel and so much more.


Your Portal to Advanced Travel Solutions.

NDC & GDS Merged

access and manage a wide range of GDS fares on SABRE, tailored for your host agency needs.

A flight search results showcasing cheap rates for a flight from YVR to YYZ

Custom Rates

Incorporate your own negotiated rates, ensuring that your content stays unique.

Booking Portals

Develop agent booking portals, which facilitates commission & streamlines your sales processes.

Manage Independent Agents & Commissions

Oversee bookings made by your agents, offering them autonomy while maintaining control over commission structures.

A table showcasing all booking requests

PCI Cards Vault

Ensure secure processing with our PCI-compliant credit card vault.

a stack of credit cards


Customize Your Portal

Tailor your portal's look and functionality, including airline contract integration, client management through our built-in CRM, and domain customization to reflect your agency's brand identity.

  • Integrate Your Contracts
  • Robust CRM System
  • Personalized Domain
  • Branding Flexibility
A customized booking portal
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Add Contracts
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Add Branding

Elevate Earnings

Maximizing Profits for Host Agencies With ORX

Boost Your Agency's Profitability. ORX specializes in enhancing the revenue potential for host agencies. Our platform is designed to streamline your operational processes, reducing overhead costs. By integrating advanced booking systems and providing access to a wide range of competitive fares and rates, we help you increase margins on each booking.

Even More Features

Hybrid Event Planning

Organize custom group bookings swiftly by creating event based travel portals.

Traveller Personalization

Generate unique user profiles for personalized fare suggestions.

Non-Traditional Offerings

Access and book a full spectrum of fare classes, including those typically not available in GDS.

Sustainable Data & Reports

Offset your GHG emissions with GHG credits that suit your industry and budget.

Team Travel Solution

Develop travel policies for various traveler types, whether departmental or global.

Trip Approval Technology

Innovate policy creation combining geography, cost, and class.

AI Travel Assistant

Leverage AI-powered suggestions tailored to traveler profiles.

Unused Credit Tracker

Enable employees to track and apply unused travel credits.

Automated Employee & Client Onboarding

Streamline new employee integration with CSV uploads and email invitations.

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Streamlining Success For Host Agencies With ORX

Revenue Maximization

Host agencies can boost their income through our dynamic pricing strategies and access to exclusive discounts, all designed to enhance revenue growth.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

We help host agencies build customer loyalty by enabling personalized experiences that resonate with individual travelers, encouraging repeat business.

Operational Efficiency

Our platform simplifies complex tasks for host agencies, automates workflows, and minimizes errors, leading to unparalleled operational efficiency.