Streamlined Your Corporate Travel Management.

Our advanced travel platform enables travel management companies (TMCs) to deliver top-tier online travel services to their corporate clients anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits For TMC's

Optimize Corporate Travel Processes with ORX's Advanced Features

Offer Exclusive Negotiated Business Rates Online

Offer your exclusive rates online, and serve clients diverse fare types, creating significant cost savings and preferential pricing for their businesses.

Corporate Cards Vault

Save corporate and individual credit cards, into our PCI card vault.

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Maintain and Enhance Your Agency's Unique Brand Identity

Seamlessly integrate your airline contracts with your branding and manage client relationships with our integrated CRM.

  • Add Your Airline Contracts
  • Manage Client Data With Our CRM
  • Integrate Your Branding
  • Customize Your Domain Name
A customized booking portal
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+ Airline Contract
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Compliance Engine

Rigorously enforce corporate travel policies with our compliance engine,

A flight search results showcasing cheap rates for a flight from YVR to YYZ

Multi-Source Fares

Gain extensive inventories, with multi-source flights and hotels content.

A graph showcasing travel a companies travel sales and statistics

Carbon Offsetting

Gain insights into CO2 emissions generated by travel and offset them.

Custom Rates

Online Access to Negotiated Travel Rates.

Empower your clients with the ability to access their specially negotiated rates. We showcase negotiated fares alongside competitive market rates, giving your clients the reins to make informed decisions.

Image of Flight Tickets
Image of Flight Tickets
Image of Flight Tickets

Even More Features

Provide Unlimited Value.

Innovative Trip Approval Technology for Efficient Travel Management

Create Policies that combine geography, cost, and class in ways never done before!

Comprehensive Team Travel Management Solutions

Create Department or Global travel policies to cover a wide range of traveller types.

Detailed Reports on Sustainable Travel Data and Carbon Footprint

Offset your GHG emissions with GHG credits that suit your industry and budget.

Hassle-free Automated Onboarding for New Users

Upload a csv file or send out emails to invite employees to register.

Hassle-free Automated Onboarding for New Users

Create unique user profiles and get suggestions for ideal fare based on a unique persona.

Hassle-free Automated Onboarding for New Users

Employees can track their unused credits and apply them to their next trips!

Streamlined Hybrid Event Planning with Group Booking Tools

Custom group bookings can be quickly assembled  using our group booking tool. 

Streamlined Hybrid Event Planning with Group Booking Tools

Arica is an AI powered concierge that suggest fares based your unique profile.

Streamlined Hybrid Event Planning with Group Booking Tools

See and book all fare classes. Book basic and business fares not traditionally available in the GDS.