TMC Platform

Offer Businesses Online Travel Management

Unify, Empower, and Prosper with the ORX Travel Platform. Elevate Your Companies Offerings and compete with the top online travel firms by offering a comprehensive online travel management solutions.


Booking Engine

Clients can connect and book their negotiated corporate rates online.

Business Dashboard

Clients can manage their corporate travel policies and much more!

Personalized Results

Clients can create their own personalized preferences.

Payment Method Management

Experience the convenience of securely saving corporate cards, enabling hassle-free bookings for employees while ensuring the highest level of security and PCI compliance.

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Streamlined Employee Onboarding & Management

Simplify Clients order management with our flexible approval workflow, significantly improving your clients operational efficiency by streamlining their booking processes.

Use Case

Provide Online Business Travel Today

Enhanced Customization

Empower your TMC with a unique white-label solution, Customize your personalized platform to align with your preferences, brand and even pricing.

Efficient Operations

The ORX Travel Platform boosts TMC operational efficiency through streamlined client management, secure payments, and task automation.

Customer Experiences

Provide amazing customer experiences quickly with easy onboarding for your corporate clients and focus on expanding your business.

Outplay Leading Travel Management Software

Surpass the top 10 travel technology firms by utilizing ORX's powerful capabilities. As a pioneering travel technology agency, we use innovative solutions to enhance client retention.

Offer Online Booking

Empower your clients with ORX's seamless online booking.

Analyze Your Data

Harness ORX's tools to efficiently track and analyze your travel data.

Showcase Your Branding

Customize your ORX to reflect your unique brand identity.


Elevate Your Travel Management Offering

At ORX, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by Travel Management Companies (TMCs). Luckly our advanced development and integration team is here to help you on your implementation journey!
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Offer Rich Content

Give clients access to both NDC and GDS content, providing enriched travel information to make informed booking decisions.


Customize the platform's look and feel to match your branding and preferences in providers or pricing.

Invoice Management

Easily manage invoice tags for organized billing and generate invoices on demand.


Let’s Answer Your Questions

What Is the ORX's TMC Platform?

The ORX's TMC Platform is designed to provide businesses with comprehensive online travel management solutions. It aims to unify and empower travel management companies (TMCs) to elevate their offerings and compete with top online travel firms.

How Can My Company Benefit from the TMC Platform?

With the ORX TMC Platform, your company can offer enhanced online booking, efficient operations, easy employee onboarding, personalized results, seamless payment management, and more all while showcasing your unique brand identity.

What Key Features Does the TMC Platform Offer?

The platform boasts a powerful booking engine, business dashboard for travel policy management, personalized results, secure payment method management, and a streamlined process for employee onboarding and management.

How Does the Payment Method Management Work?

The TMC Platform provides a secure method to save corporate cards. This ensures hassle-free bookings for employees while adhering to the highest standards of security and PCI compliance.

What does "white-label solution" mean in this context?

A white-label solution means that TMCs can customize the platform to reflect their branding, preferences, and even pricing, thereby offering a unique and personalized experience for their clients.

How Does the TMC Platform Enhance Operational Efficiency?

The ORX TMC Platform is designed with features that address the core needs of Travel Management Companies (TMCs). This includes tools for streamlined client management, a robust booking engine that connects to negotiated corporate rates, a business dashboard for cohesive travel policy management, and an efficient approval workflow for employee travel. Moreover, task automation reduces manual interventions, and secure payment features ensure transactions are smooth, fast, and compliant. All these combined lead to a boost in operational efficiency, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and allowing TMCs to focus on growth and client satisfaction.

In What Ways Can the TMC Platform Improve Customer Experiences?

The platform provides easy onboarding for corporate clients, allowing TMCs to focus on expanding their business and delivering outstanding customer experiences.

How Can I Customize the TMC Platform to Reflect My Brand?

ORX allows you to customize the platform's appearance and functionality to align with your company's branding, preferences in providers, and pricing strategies.

How Can I Get Started with the TMC Platform?

Simply click on the "Get Started" button on the ORX website or reach out to ORX's support and development teams for assistance and implementation.