Benefits For TMC's

Elevate Client Experiences with Online Bookings

Revolutionize client relations and improve your offerings with ORX's intuitive and seamless GDS and NDC booking engine.

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Access 400+ Leading Airlines

Effortlessly access flights from top providers like Air Canada and WestJet while results from Sabre's GDS booking engines all in the same search. This offers your clients a vast array of travel options.

Experience ORX's Smooth Booking Journey

Ensure a seamless booking process for your clients, making travel arrangements hassle-free and enjoyable.

Unleash Ultimate Booking Flexibility

Offer your clients the freedom to choose and tailor their travel experience to their preferences.

Even More Features

Provide Unlimited Value.

Dive into Our Efficient RESTful Design

Dive into streamlined URLs, form-encoded payloads & JSON responses. Seamless integration awaits!

Harness Standard HTTP Innovations

Harness known HTTP verbs, auth methods & response codes. Elevate your development journey!

Sandbox Environments

Experiment and test without impacting your live data or real travel vendors, ensuring a safe development process.

Explore Unique Booking Adventures

Explore diverse fare classes, including unique basic & business options. Beyond traditional GDS!

Craft Perfect Events with ORX

Craft bespoke group bookings swiftly with ORX's specialized tool. Perfect events, every time!

Seamless Trip Approvals at Your Fingertips

Formulate policies blending location, price & class. Innovate your trip approvals!

Meet Arica: Your AI Travel Companion

Meet Arica, the AI concierge tailoring fare suggestions to your distinct travel persona.

Keep Tabs on Your Unused Credits

Empower staff to monitor & utilize unused credits for upcoming journeys. Maximize savings!

Swift & Smooth Employee Onboarding

Use CSV uploads or emails for swift employee invites. Streamline your onboarding process!


Let’s Answer Your Questions

How are the clients of travel agents seperated from those of the agency?

When a travel agent brings a client on board through a specified affiliate link on your site, any bookings made by the client during their logged-in sessions will be attributed to the respective agent. This setup distinctly separates personal clients from agency clientele.

As a travel agency, can I access data on my agents' bookings and performance?

Definitely. You'll have full access to a range of statistics concerning your travel agents' bookings. Through the super admin feature on their portal, you can delve into their profiles or the reports page to examine individual bookings and evaluate performance metrics.

What level of compatibility does the ORX Platform have with my TRAMS database?

The synergy between the ORX Platform and your TRAMS database is seamless. We enable the generation of exportable TRAMS files which can be manually incorporated into your TRAMS database, making the user experience straightforward and trouble-free.