Offer NDC and GDS Content With Ease.

Consolidate, distribute, manage and succeed with the ORX Platform. Provide a centralized shopping and booking experience for your travel agents and your agencies Clients.

Key Features

Booking Engine

Empower agents to seamlessly book NDC & GDS (SABRE) content for all fare types in one portal.

Markup & Rules Engine

Effortlessly set and manage custom markup rules based on your custom search parameters.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights, track performance, and make informed decisions. Monitor your bookings with ease!

Save Credit Cards

Our Secure PCI Credit Card Vault Streamlines Transactions for Peace of Mind. Store, manage, and process payments with confidence.

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Manage Your Clients Bookings

Efficiently handle reservations, track bookings, and manage customer information all on one convenient travel dashboard.

Incentives With B2C Agent Referral Links

Strengthen your advisors' relationships with their clients by giving them B2C referral links. These links ensure that any bookings made by their clients are attributed to the right advisor/agent.

Custom Agent Accounts

travel agents can create, manage, and monitor their personal referral links.

Commissions Management

Enable your system to calculate and manage agent commissions effortlessly.

Incentives Client Aquisition

Track and manage high performing agents, distribute commissions with ease.


Streamlining Success With The ORX Platform

Revenue Maximization

by leveraging our advanced dynamic pricing strategies and securing exclusive discounts tailored for maximum revenue growth.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Foster customer loyalty and drive repeat business by delivering uniquely personalized experiences tailored for individuals.

Operational Efficiency

Achieve unparalleled efficiency by simplifying complex tasks, automating workflows, and significantly reducing errors.

Leisure Booking

Solutions for Every Travel Role

  • Consolidators/ Wholesalers distributing travel services to reseller/subagent networks.
  • Host Agencies working enabling their own Travel Advisor/Agent Network.
  • Retail travel agencies creating bundles from multiple providers enabling their own Agency Staff Modules.
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Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of competitors with real-time updates

Informed Decision Making

Make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Informed Decision Making

Make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Let’s Answer Your Questions

How are the clients of travel agents seperated from those of the agency?

When a travel agent brings a client on board through a specified affiliate link on your site, any bookings made by the client during their logged-in sessions will be attributed to the respective agent. This setup distinctly separates personal clients from agency clientele.

As a travel agency, can I access data on my agents' bookings and performance?

Definitely. You'll have full access to a range of statistics concerning your travel agents' bookings. Through the super admin feature on their portal, you can delve into their profiles or the reports page to examine individual bookings and evaluate performance metrics.

What level of compatibility does the ORX Platform have with my TRAMS database?

The synergy between the ORX Platform and your TRAMS database is seamless. We enable the generation of exportable TRAMS files which can be manually incorporated into your TRAMS database, making the user experience straightforward and trouble-free.